According to a recent survey by Cheapflights.ca, the whole point of taking a vacation is to \”leave your cares at home.\” And it found that a majority of Canadians are at least leaving some of their responsible behaviour at home. In its latest Travel Habits survey, Cheapflights.ca asked 1,012 Canadians a number of questions about what they do (and don\’t do) on vacation. The results? Just over 61% of respondents reported taking a break from \”being responsible\” while on vacation. Perhaps more interestingly, 64% of the women were apt to undertake some irresponsible vacation behaviour while only 57% of men claimed to do so.
Cheapflights.ca\’s Melisse Hinkle commented: \”Our Travel Habits surveys are a fun way to delve into the mindset of travellers. As a travel site, we know where people go but to be true travel experts we want to know as much as we can about vacation motivations, behaviours, ambitions and more. This particular survey offers great insight into how Canadians relax and let go when they\’re away.\”
So, what are Canadians doing?
Well when Cheapflights.ca asked them how they\’d been \”irresponsible,\” the top answer was \”overspent\” (53%). Followed by: \”Too much sun\” (46%); \”too much alcohol\” (31%); \”stayed out all night or late into the night\” (25%); and \”eaten questionable food or food from a questionable source\” (18%).
For more, go to http://www.cheapflights.ca/travel/canadian-travel-habits-let-loose .

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