What Will The Industry Look Like After The Pandemic

So just what will the travel industry look like once the coronavirus pandemic is well and truly behind us?

Well, that depends upon who you ask, with some predicting that, for instance, familiar travel industry faces will be commonplace for those who ride out the pandemic, while others suggest the pandemic’s lingering nature may mean there will be plenty of permanent industry personnel departures.

Dallyce Macas, Canadian representative for South American resort company explora, says the travel industry has already seen many leave for good.

“Tourism has in the past two years suffered an exit of younger individuals who had sufficient transferrable skills that would benefit other industries,” she says. “I have seen this be especially acute with bright and ambitious individuals who are in the prime of their careers and have moved into technology companies, communication firms or even real estate sales. The earning potential in high-growth industries means they can earn far more than in travel, and put the surplus earnings into their future, or into discretionary holiday travels.

“At the other end of the spectrum are those who have spent their careers in tourism and travel, and have ‘hit a wall’, wondering if the ongoing demands of navigating the cancellations, changes, along with client expectations, are worth the stress.”

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