Up And Coming Destinations For 2015


In this week’s digital edition of Canadian Travel Press, staff writer, Ian Stalker reports on some of Canada’s top tour operators picks for the hot destinations of 2015, starting with the fact that Intrepid says tropical Central America is sizzling.

Christian Wolters, who oversees Intrepid’s Canadian operation, says the entire region is “picking up right now as the realities of winter kick in” and interest in that part of the world has moved beyond a well-known eco-tourism pioneer.

“Central America is turning into much more than just Costa Rica for adventure seekers,” he says. “We have seen more travellers flocking to the likes of El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Belize.”

Cuba, where Intrepid has unveiled the nine-day Cuba Sailing Adventure, is also selling well, while on the other side of the ocean Turkey has become a top-seller, Wolters continues. “We have responded to the demand with yet another new Turkey tour in 2015. The Turkey – Hike, Bike & Kayak is more active than most tours in the area, but gives all types of travellers a way to enjoy the destination. Turkey is popular for its versatility as a destination – the Mediterranean coast, delicious cuisine, ancient towns and vibrant cities.”

Doug Patterson, senior figure for Trafalgar Tours in Canada, says most of that tour operator’s destinations are doing well “because we have seen a limited increase on our trip costs. However, in particular, Italy is once again a favourite because it’s a destination that is attractive for its historical significance and delicious food.

“Ireland is also a huge focus for Trafalgar in 2015 because it offers so many hidden treasures and we are pleased that there is a plan to increase air capacity to the Emerald Isle.

“Often referenced as the ‘bridge between East and West,”’ Turkey is a captivating destination and the birthplace of many ancient civilizations, which is very appealing to travellers.”

Jean Jacques Lefuel of Asia specialist Tours Hai International reports growing interest in Vietnam, which is seeing an increasing number of upscale tourism products. “The country is dynamic, modernizing rapidly and its population continues to charm visitors. The neighbouring countries of Cambodia and Laos are also drawing attention as extensions to a trip in Vietnam.

“We have noticed Myanmar cropping up on the radar more and more,” Lefuel adds.

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