What’s The Outlook

“Canadians continue to love their domestic vacations, but it’s true that in 2022 we’re seeing a break from this pandemic-era norm. For outbound Canadian travellers, the data shows a trend towards international trips,” observed Expedia Group’s VP, Global Air Partnerships, Julie Kyse. And she went on to point out that: “This summer, international searches by Canadians were up 235%. This data highlights the shift away from focusing on Canadian destinations, which makes sense given the opening of borders and loosening of travel restrictions worldwide.”

Kyse admitted that while “it’s true that the travel headlines aren’t all rosy, but it’s not stopping travellers. In Canada, for example, Expedia Group data shows flight searches are up 50% compared to the same period last year among Canadian travellers – a positive indicator that Canadians are eager for adventure.”

And she added: “We know there are still hurdles out there, but Expedia Group’s Traveler Value Index 2022 Outlook shows that people will travel more responsibly and consciously.”

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