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So, What’s In It For Me?

There’s More To Contests Than Just The Prize


Contests and readership surveys – we offer lots of them! Well lots of the former and one of the latter in PressToday, Canadian Travel Press, Travel Courier and online at TravelPress.com. And we do understand that they’re easy to pass over, especially if you don’t think you’ll ever win.

So why participate?

The quick answer is that you may in fact win the prize – usually a trip to somewhere exotic — if you’re lucky.

But there’s more to it: indirect benefits that aren’t as obvious.

To wit, what contest sponsors ultimately seek is a good response to their contest. And when they get good numbers, it shows them – the airline, hotel, tour operator, cruise line, tourism board – that the Canadian market in general is interested in their product or destination, and that travel agents are interested too.

Every day we fight for suppliers to pay attention to Canada (not just the US) and we fight for suppliers to remember travel agents, not simply market online or direct to consumers.

Strong numbers from travel agents for trade events, webinars, contests or readership surveys like the Agents’ Choice Awards 2014, show the Canadian trade’s serious intent and interest. And that justifies the interest and investment shown by the sponsors/suppliers.

You can show travel suppliers you care and are worthy of their investment. Take a moment to enter and urge your colleagues to enter our contests and readership survey.

Besides, you might just win!

Here are links to our current contests and ACA: https://www.travelpress.com/ACA_2014 , http://promo.baxter.net/contest/Anderson.asp , http://promo.baxter.net/contest/Seaworldparks.asp .


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