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When Will The Domestic Travel Recovery Begin?

In Canada, we have now completed our fifth month of fighting COVID-19, while we wait on a possible vaccine and try to establish the “new normal.”

Our border to the US remains understandably closed, while our federal government takes no progressive action in opening our air borders to “safe” countries such as the EU Schengen countries, and most of us in the travel industry are trying to stay optimistic about the future, despite all the obvious encumbrances.

For Canadian hoteliers, we have all been hoping for a resumption of domestic short haul travel as most of the country has entered phase 3 of the “recovery” that would mirror the rebounds we have experienced post 9/11.

We have been banking on Canadians across the country wanting a significant change of scenery from being locked up with their families for months, and exploring the backyards of their own regions as an escape.

Eric Barber asks the question that we’re all asking in this week’s CANADIAN TRAVEL PRESS.

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