Where To Travel In 2020 With Collette

If there’s one thing Collette has learned during its 102-year tenure as a travel provider, it’s that bigger isn’t necessarily better, writes Assistant Editor Ann Ruppenstein in this week’s Travel Courier.

That’s why a key focus for the Pawtucket, Rhode Island headquartered company is its small group Explorations product, where trip sizes range from 14-24 travellers, opening the door to more intimate opportunities in a destination.

Collette president Jaclyn Leibl-Cote says being able to cater to experiential experiences gives travel agents the potential to grow their client base.

“There aren’t a lot of small-group tour operators, barely any that are preferred or in the travel agent space – a lot of them are direct-to-consumer organizations that sell a lot. That’s a huge opportunity for travel agents to take market share from those direct-to-consumer companies and be able to see and have happy travellers who want to come back because it’s a great in-depth experience,” she tells Travel Courier. “You can really find new customers that they can have as repeat customers who are going and doing this more experiential type of travel that they didn’t even realize existed.”

For more on the product and a look at where to travel in 2020 with Collette, check out the latest edition.