Wholesaler reports heightened interest in Maui

Condominium Connection, a Hawaii wholesaler for more than four decades, is showing early booking trends for 2012 that indicate a strengthening in neighbour island travel and overall room rate increases of around 14% for the New Year. Joseph Fienberg, owner and president of Condominium Connection, says his company’s current booking activity for 2012 is showing Oahu being reserved 32% of the time, Maui 50%, Big Island of Hawaii 10% and Kauai 8%. In 2011, Oahu and Maui were both at 43% while Hawaii was 8% and Kauai was 7%. “This is not to say that fewer people are visiting Hawaii. Rather, there is a greater visitor migration to the neighbour islands, particularly to Maui,”Fienberg says. (http://www.condoconnection.com)