Striving For A More Sustainable Travel Industry

How are travel advisors encouraging their clients to travel sustainably? Well, managing editor, Ann Ruppenstein takes a look at just that in the 2023 Agents’ Choice Readership Survey’s feature story.

Travel advisor Shari Tucker is making a conscious effort to put sustainable travel at the forefront of her agency.

“To me, sustainable travel means protecting the people, places and planet for everyone now for the future. If we don’t work together to make travel sustainable historic sites will crumble, entire cultures and languages will disappear, animals will become extinct and pristine natural sites will change irreversibly,” shares Tucker of Love The Way You Travel in Halifax, NS. “As a business, it means choosing to work with companies and destinations who are making sustainable travel a priority as well as educating ourselves and our clients on how to travel lighter and more respectfully.”

One example of how Love The Way You Travel is being more sustainable is through the use of a trip itinerary app that allows clients to have all of their trip details and vouchers in one place — eliminating the need to print piles of paper.

“We encourage travellers to pack light, to eat and shop locally when in destination. Buying locally sourced foods and crafts directly from the makers supports the local economy and lowers your carbon footprint,” she adds. “We often have impactful conversations with clients educating them on the negative impacts of animal encounters such as swimming with dolphins and riding elephants, both experiences which we do not sell under any circumstances.”

The agency also plans itineraries for clients that encourage them to fly less and opt to travel more by trains and local transportation instead.

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