Why Do We Vacation?


The Atlantis, Paradise Island resort in The Bahamas is offering some answers to the question “Why Do We Vacation” in a newly launched advertising and branding campaign. (Click Here To Check It Out)

In conjunction with creative agency GoConvergence (GOCO), Atlantis created, developed and produced the innovative concept that taps into consumers’ emotions and helps them answer an important question they may not have considered in the past.

The campaign is designed to create bite-sized pieces of content that resonate in a world where consumers are overwhelmed with content and have limited attention spans. The goal was to create content that breaks through the clutter and makes all consumers pause and recognize the importance of taking a vacation—something we can all lose sight of in today’s world.

Marcy Miles, senior vice-president of sales and marketing for Atlantis, observed that: “The campaign plays to consumers’ emotions and encourages them to take a moment and truly ask themselves why they vacation. These feel-good spots answer the question with a clear ‘That’s Why.’ We take vacations to reconnect with our families, friends and ourselves and our campaign highlights that connection while showcasing the various experiences available at one of the most unique and amazing destinations in the world.”