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Wild season teems with West Coast wildlife

Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort reminds nature lovers that October’s wild season is the best time to angle for wildlife adventures interspersed with tranquil moments in the staggering fjords of British Columbia’s West Coast. “Wild season is about viewing wildlife when they are most active; bears and whales feast on Coho salmon running to their spawning streams. The sheer volume of wildlife provides reliable viewing that is sure to inspire a hair raising, picture laden, memorable adventure,”says Becky Eert, marketing director for Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort. “The days are a little crisper and a little shorter, but the weather tends to be good and the protected inter-island waters are beautiful.”Autumn colours combined with morning fog means coffee taken on the resort pier is a moment to be savoured. Even though the days are shorter the sun beams are longer, saturating tree-laden shores with different hues of light as the day passes into a cool, starlit night by the fire. Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort offers a range of activities including bear watching, whale watching, cultural tours, kayak tours, and trail hikes. For those looking to take advantage of the helicopter packages, one can enjoy heli-fishing, glacier tours, coastal beach walks and old growth forest hikes. Both packages can be followed up with a hot tub by a glacier-fed waterfall. Gourmet dinners are served in the lodge often followed by impromptu jam sessions.

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