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Report Says Mexico Tourism Board Offices Could Be Closed

A report from Mexico says the newly elected Mexican federal government plans to shut down the Tourism Promotion Council of Mexico and close the 46 Mexico Tourism Board offices found outside the country.

One government official was quoted as saying that the new government is committed to attracting tourists to one of the 10 most-visited countries in the world but will do so in a different manner, working from diplomatic missions, rather than stand-alone tourism board offices.

“The promotion of the country will continue but with a more efficient spending, taking advantage of the embassies of Mexico in the world.”

There was no immediate word from the incoming government if this indeed will be the case but if so, it would mean the end of lengthy Mexico Tourism Board office presences in this country. The board currently has offices in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

The report didn’t give any time frame for the new government’s plans.

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