It was all about success when Travel Counsellors Canada held its annual conference in Toronto recently. The event welcomed 90% of Travel Counsellors member agents here in Canada, giving them an opportunity to meet with their partners, suppliers, potential new recruits and key staff members from the UK head office. \”With Us, It\’s Personal\” was the theme of the event, a theme that reflects Travel Counsellors\’ commitment to its core values of building strong and personal relationships with customers.
Presentations by Travel Counsellors\’ managing director, Steve Byrne, Canada\’s senior manager, Chris Godman and IT Director, Paul Speakman focused on updating agents on a host of new initiatives planned by the company to support them and help them grow their businesses — including further enhancements to the company\’s in-house booking system, Phenix.
\”We are unwavering in our commitment to providing our Travel Counsellors with the right tools, help and support to be the very best agents they can be. The exciting new developments we have planned will help them drive their businesses even further forward and ensure that they leave the conference on a high, armed with the motivation and inspiration to have the best 12 months ahead of their careers so far,\” Godman stated.
The conference also featured business training sessions hosted by international sales guru, Anthony Iannarino and head of business development, Janet Whittingham. The interactive sessions were a highlight of the conference as Iannarino offered invaluable business insights on how to successfully build your business, connect with customers and improve results.
During the conference\’s gala dinner, Sackville-based Travel Counsellor, Stephen Puddle was presented with an award for his dedication to providing customers with the highest levels of personal service. The award is given to the agent with the highest individual Net Promoter Score (NPS), which is a system used by Travel Counsellors to measure customer loyalty. The customer focused company achieves a ground breaking 96% score which is higher than all other travel companies.
\”I had an incredible time at the conference in Toronto, the weekend really showcased the volume of support I receive from our head office, which in turn, gives me the freedom to focus on delivering exceptional levels of customer service. Winning this award was a real honour as at the very core of my business is my customers and I am thrilled that they are happy with the service I deliver. The best award of all is one where your customers let you know that they are happy with your service and would happily recommend you to others,\” Puddle said.
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