‘Without a Travel Agent, You’re on Your Own’: ACTA


ACTA (Association of Canadian Travel Agencies) has introduced a new member toolkit designed to help agents promote their value to consumers, with the warning to them that “Without a Travel Agent, You’re on Your Own!”

The toolkit is a collection of resources that can be used for free by ACTA members to promote the value of their services to the consumer. Offering both digital and printable content, the toolkit can be leveraged to use in tradeshows, document dressings, advertising campaigns and PR initiatives. All materials feature the slogan “Without a Travel Agent, You’re on Your Own” and highlights reasons to use a travel agent when planning a trip. Materials can be customized with agency contact info by using ACTA’s print shop.

ACTA president David McCaig commented, “the ACTA toolkit has been designed to remind consumers that ‘Without a Travel Agent, You’re on Your Own’ and that when it comes to trip and travel planning, an ACTA travel agent is the perfect companion.”

He added ACTA is pleased to be able to offer members the resources to promote themselves and their professionalism.

“Our toolkit materials reinforce the value proposition of today’s travel agent — expert advice, personal attention, peace of mind, convenience and time savings and trust,” said McCaig.

The kit offers customized e-mail signatures, marketing e-mail that can be used in e-mail advertisements, banner ads for web advertisements, post cards, cue cards, printed ads that can be part of a direct mail initiative (value of using an ACTA travel agent), header/footer that agents can add to their corporate letterhead and proposals, ticket jackets and bag tags, videos and social media programs.

To learn more about the ACTA marketing toolkit, visit http://acta.ca and click the “Marketing Toolkit” button on the home page.