Working At Home In Curacao

Curaçao is introducing @HOME in Curaçao, a comprehensive program geared towards remote workers, extended stay visitors and investors, allowing them easier access to Curaçao and all that it has to offer.

Minister of Economic Development of Curaçao, Dr. I. S. (Steve) Martina said that: “Curaçao has proven that it has been able to effectively keep the COVID-19 infections under control. Clearly life on the island has some very attractive features, especially now that people all over the world are limited in their freedom to move around.”

The Minister continues: “Aside from the obvious: year-round sunshine, a great climate, beautiful beaches and nature, Curaçao offers a vibrant international vibe, versatile culture and the intangible ‘dushi’ Curaçao feeling, that everyone who has been to the island will recognize. Curaçao is extremely well equipped to offer a safe and comfortable option for travellers looking for a place to stay and work.”

With more than half of the global workforce logging on from home and companies announcing that they will allow employees to work remotely for the foreseeable future, Curaçao’s @Home program offers major benefits including a better work-life balance, increased productivity and less time spent commuting.

Curaçao’s unique rhythm and pace allows for a more ideal work/life balance while simultaneously allowing international citizens the possibility of engaging with the diverse local community. Visitors, says the Ministry of Economic Affairs, are able to take advantage of the destination’s favourable weather conditions, natural attractions and vast roster of outdoor experiences.

Curaçao has an open- and market-driven economy in which foreign investors can own property without restrictions in regards to repatriation of profits or invested capital. Tourism is one of the island’s largest economic drivers with direct air connections to the Caribbean as well as Europe, South, Central and North America. Other sectors with potential for investment include port & maritime services, creative industries, transnational education, finance and ICT.

Curaçao is a popular destination for international visitors to purchase a second home. Similarly, an apartment or house provides a strong ROI when rented out to tourists and allows owners to regularly visit the island.

In order to qualify for the program, applicants must complete digital application form on including:

1. Proof of payment for fees and costs ($294)

2. Clear copy of the photo page of the applicant’s passport

3. Proof of solvency:

  • Recent declaration of assignment, if own company in country of origin OR
  • Recent employer declaration from employer in country of origin or a recently certified copy of an employment contract

4. Completed Appendix D (proof of payment)

5. An international insurance is required (including COVID-19 coverage if possible). In case an international insurance cannot be presented, a local insurance can be acquired.

All applicants need to comply with COVID-19 requirements stipulated by the Government of Curaçao – for more information please visit And for those ready to travel, follow the steps on

The @HOME in Curacao program allows a maximum stay period of six months with possibility of extension for an additional six months.

Go to to begin an application for working and living remotely in Curaçao.