Works Like A Charm

Anthony Lau, executive director of the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), was all smiles during a recent stop in Toronto, which shouldn’t be surprising as there’s lots of good news coming out of the destination these days.

Topping the list is the fact that Hong Kong and Taiwan’s joint tourism promotional efforts – launched in 2016 – have produced some rather remarkable results.

The program attracted the participation of five airlines – Air Canada, Cathay Pacific, Eva Air, China Airlines and Hong Kong Airlines – and 19 tour operators offering 22 different packages.

Not surprisingly, Lau said that the HKTB will be increasing its promotional efforts in the next year of the program, which is all part of the HKTB’s strategy of developing multi-destinational travel to Asia.

Lau – who’s Canadian visit included a stop in Vancouver and Toronto before he headed south to Los Angeles and San Francisco – also brought news relating to Hong Kong’s favourable hotels rates.

He noted that with the destination’s supply of new rooms growing, hotel rates are becoming increasingly attractive.

Over the next six years, Lau said, Hong Kong will see about 2,000 rooms added each year, increasing its inventory to close to 84,000 rooms by the end of that time.

Hong Kong is also gearing up to give visitors more new experiences and opportunities to explore the destination.

To do that Lau said the destination is developing its heritage and cultural offerings, with the first happening in its Central area. Called Old Town Central, the area will give visitors the chance to explore an area that was the birthplace of colonial Hong Kong.

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Michael Lim, HKTB director, Canada, Central & South America with HKTB’s executive director, Anthony Lau.

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