World Waterpark’s New Attraction One Big Ball of Fun


World Waterpark’s newest attraction in Edmonton is, in all respects, a ball.

Hurricane, which opened last weekend in the southwest corner of the park, is an inflatable ball within a ball that contains water and rotates, creating a slippery, but smooth ride often described as a “cross between a waterfall and rollercoaster” and “the world’s longest waterslide.”

Hurricane is a Fishpipe, the world’s first rotating barrel ride, created and manufactured by Outdoor Gravity, a New Zealand company. The attraction is the first of its kind to be installed in Canada and is only one of 15 operating around the world.

Hurricane is a unique addition to World Waterpark and complements the many slides and attractions that are in the park. While not a waterslide per se, Hurricane provides a similar experience.

The inflatable ball is big enough for three people to experience the attraction at one time. A single person can sit, stand, walk, crawl or run. If more than one person enters the ball, they all must be in a seated position. Riders do not get spun around, but slide in the water – which is drained after each ride – in the bottom of the ball. The ball rotates, not the rider; Hurricane rotates at up to 45 revolutions per minute. By the end of the ride, a person will have travelled more than 609 metres.


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