Yucatan Launches Staycation Campaign

As part of the Economic Reactivation Plan of Yucatán State, the state’s Ministry of Tourism has launched “365 Days in Yucatan,” a staycation campaign that seeks to encourage local and regional travel by area residents, expats and visitors, using the social media hashtag #StayInYucatan.

The campaign comprises an itinerary of 365 activities, including previously existing offers, renewed products and new experiences that are spread throughout the state.

For at least one year, a daily visit option will be published on the ministry’s social networks, in the media and by social media influencers, content creators and opinion leaders to strengthen promotion with these joint efforts and invite other Yucatecans to add new activities.

“Tourism is about improving life, both for those who provide a service and for tourists, and today, after the pandemic, it is an activity of community, solidarity and reconnection,” said Michelle Fridman, Yucatan’d minister of tourism. “And what better way to start that ‘at home,’ because travelling around the state is the best way to support those who promote tourism projects that benefit many Yucatecans.

“We are about to live a new way of doing tourism, one with a greater commitment, which seeks to reconnect with nature, family, friends and your significant other to recharge with energy,” Fridman continued. “Yucatán offers all that and much more, from the incredible pink beaches, the green jungles, the iridescent blues of the cenotes, the white of Mérida’s buildings and the yellow of Izamal [to the] the colors of traditional handicrafts and a world-class gastronomy.”

For a complete list of activities, visit https://yucatan.travel/en/unique-experiences/ .