Yucatán Makes A Pitch for New Flights

Yucatan’s minister of tourism, Michelle Fridman was on hand for the Routes Americas conference in Chicago last week meeting with key decision makers for airlines, airports, and destinations.

Raul Paz Technical Director at the Ministry of Tourism of the state of Yucatan, joined the minister at the event for talks with carriers such as Porter Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Delta Airlines and LATAM Airlines – airlines that currently don’t serve the destination – to convince them to include Yucatan in their future operations schedules.

Fridman said: “For Yucatán, attending this meeting represents the opportunity to continue growing exponentially, allowing us to establish better relationships and projects that will result in a positive impact for the state, not only by attracting new routes and investors but also as a platform to show the world the great work that the joint venture between the private sector and the Government of Yucatan has done. The state has positioned itself as a leading destination that has everything to host large events.”

In 2022, Yucatan reported a 200% growth in international air connectivity, and 11 routes that connect the destination with the main cities of the country.  This year, with the expansion and renovation of Merida’s International Airport, Manuel Crescencio Rejón, it is expected that more routes and flights will be added to the destination’s offer.

The recent month of February has been considered the best in the history of Yucatan, registering 280,991 passengers arriving at Merida’s International Airport, which meant a growth of 53.7% compared to the same period in 2022.

From January to February 2023, there was a total movement of 585,196 travellers, the highest number for the first two months, with an accumulated 56.5%, compared to 2022.