YVR maps out 10-year airport strategy

Vancouver Airport Authority has unveiled a 10-year strategy outlining $1.8 billion in improvements designed to keep Vancouver International Airport (YVR) competitive and an economic generator for British Columbia. “YVR is facing increasing competition from other airports; both travellers and airlines have choices,”said Larry Berg, president and CEO, Vancouver Airport Authority. “In order to remain competitive and an airport that British Columbia can be proud of, we must continue to invest in projects that make it easier and faster for passengers and their baggage to move through the airport.”YVR has set its sights on being the gateway of choice for travellers and airlines — particularly for the fast-growing Asian market. To meet this objective, YVR will decrease connection times between international and domestic flights, enhance baggage systems and invest in terminal upgrades. The projects listed below will kick-start the Airport Authority’s 10-year strategy: !!! More than 700 metres of secure corridors and moving walkways to reduce connection times for passengers; !!! New high-speed baggage systems; !!! Upgrades to the original areas of the 1968 Domestic Terminal Building; !!! Runway safety enhancements. To help fund these improvements, the Airport Authority is increasing the Airport Improvement Fee (AIF) from $15 to $20 beginning May 1 for passengers travelling to destinations outside of BC. Passengers travelling within BC and to the Yukon will continue to pay $5. The AIF at YVR will still be among the lowest in Canada, with most other major airports collecting $25 per passenger. (