Zurich Canada Launches New Coverage 

Zurich Canada is now offering customers Group Accident Insurance that combines customizable coverages with first-class support services for employees before, during and after their trips.

At a time when business travel is expected to increase after years of pandemic-related restrictions, Zurich’s new solution can provide a level of protection and peace of mind for businesses and their employees.

Employees, employers and participant groups today are seeking a broader range of group accident coverages, for good reason, said Khalid Sohail, Head Accident and Sickness at Zurich Canada. According to Statistics Canada, accidental injuries and healthcare costs have climbed in recent years.

Said Sohail: “Recruiting and retaining top talent is more competitive than ever, and more employers are seeing the advantage of building basic and voluntary benefits into their employee benefits package.”

Sohail continued: “Innovative compulsory and elective products, such as group accident coverage, critical illness and travel insurance, are affordable supplemental insurance options to help employees manage sudden, substantial out-of-pocket costs. At Zurich Canada, we’re helping employers go above and beyond to keep their people protected.”

Zurich’s Group Accident Insurance offers peace of mind to employees and their families facing sudden, significant expenses related to a wide range of accidents.

From a slip and fall abroad to a catastrophic car accident at home, Zurich’s flexible, modular approach provides access to various group insurance products and services. Zurich’s solutions can help protect individuals from financial distress due to accidental loss of life and offer living benefits that can relieve financial burden due to accidental injury.

Policyholders can choose what they need from Zurich’s Group Accident policy, including:

  • Basic & Voluntary Accident – for employer groups
  • Business Travel Accident – for employer groups with specialized travel coverage needs
  • Occupational Accident – for groups without employee benefits
  • Participant Accident – for groups with sanctioned activities
  • Board Members Accident – for group members sitting on a board of directors

There are several key benefits available under this new Group Accident policy:

  • Accident Medical Expense
  • Accidental Death/ Catastrophic Injury
  • Accident In-Hospital Expense
  • Accident Disability, including Weekly Accident Indemnity (WAI) benefit
  • Zurich Travel Assist™
  • Enhanced Living Benefits
  • Critical Illness Add On

With Zurich’s basic and voluntary benefits, the premium can be employer-paid, employee-paid or a combination. Regardless, the benefit is paid directly to an employee, or, in the event of accidental death, their appointed beneficiary, who experiences a covered event.

The payment can be used as the employee or, in the event of accidental death, their appointed beneficiary, chooses, such as uncovered rehabilitation expenses, household bills or a trip to celebrate a recovery milestone.