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A Message Of Hope From TL Network

“Stay Safe. Dream Now. Travel Later.”

Understanding how the global pandemic is impacting everyone from their spring and summer vacations, business trips and family get-togethers, the TL Network and some of its advisors created a video with a “Message of Hope” that is gaining traction on social media, encouraging travellers to #DreamNowTravelLater.

Here’s TL Network’s Message of Hope:

“As professional travel advisors, we know that traveling forms bonds

between you and the cultures you encounter.”

“Today, we are strengthening those bonds by staying apart,

putting safety over travel in order to protect this world we love

and the people who fill it with such joy.”

“During the last few months, we’ve helped thousands of travelers

return home safely.”

“And when this is all over, we’ll help thousands more travel again.” 

“So, to all of the global explorers out there,

To all the loyal cruisers and island hoppers,

To all the resort pool loungers and museum goers,

To all the culture seekers and nature lovers …”

“Stay safe. Dream now. Travel later.”

“After this is over, we’re all going to need a GREAT vacation!”

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