A New Fam Experience From TTC Tour Brands

TTC Tour Brands has released details of a new familiarization trip created for the BIPOC travel advisor community with guided vacation company, Trafalgar.

Sense of Europe Familiarization Trip, a 7-day itinerary taking place March 11to March 17, 2024, will travel from Prague to Vienna and Budapest.

The Eastern European travel experience gives advisors the opportunity to engage and network with peers within the BIPOC community and discover the history, architecture, culture and cuisine of the region with Trafalgar.

According to Melissa DaSilva, President of TTC Tour Brands North America, the new fam trip was designed in alignment with the organization’s sustainability strategy, specifically the brands’ DEI goals which are in part, to bridge the gap between TTC and underrepresented communities in the travel industry.

DaSilva said: “Studies have shown that black travellers are more likely to visit a destination if they see themselves represented and if they feel secure.”

“Diversity is the foundation of meaningful travel,” said TTC Tour Brands Senior National Account Manager Tonya Leigh, who spearheaded the Sense of Europe experience for the BIPOC travel advisor community and will be escorting the trip this March.

Leigh continued: “Eastern Europe is an emerging destination for North American travellers of color and selected with intention.  Rich in history, and with incredible architecture, food, music, and art, this is a place for all travelers to discover.  By sharing this incredible experience with our partners in the BIPOC community, we are helping them to bring this experience confidently to their customers while expanding and strengthening their professional network.”

Advisors interested in applying for this FAM opportunity and learning more about the itinerary can visit: https://weblink.ttc.com/landingpage/1e507c06-616d-11ee-983d-02cfac3f5530.

For those with questions, email: [email protected]

Photos courtesy TTC Tour Brands