AC welcomes EU emissions trading moratorium

Air Canada has welcomed the European Commission’s announcement on Monday that it intends to suspend the inclusion of flights to and from non-European Union destinations in its emissions trading scheme. “We are pleased with the Commission’s recommendation to suspend the inclusion of international aviation in the EU’s trading scheme in order to give ICAO the opportunity to fulfill its mandate and address aviation emissions through a global approach,”said Air Canada president Calin Rovinescu. “Air Canada is fully committed to improving its emissions footprint. We have increased our fuel efficiency by 30% since 1990. Moreover, Air Canada wholeheartedly supports IATA’s published industry targets of improving fuel efficiency by 1.5% annually to 2020, carbon neutral growth beyond 2020, and reducing them by 50% relative to 2005 levels by 2050. As an international airline in a country subject to ICAO and the Chicago Convention, we expect the regulators from both the EU and ICAO to work together to address global emissions with a consistent and rational regulatory and policy approach. The EU’s unilateral approach was unacceptable to Air Canada, as was the case for most international airlines and their governments. We urge ICAO to resolve this issue within an acceptable timeline.”(

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