Accentuating The Positive


Air Canada is making no secret of the fact that it wants to be a “global champion” in aviation and it’s also making no secret of the fact that it wants to do a better job telling its story – a story that has a lot of positive elements in the narrative, reports Bob Mowat in this week’s digital edition of Travel Courier.

“We have a global brand. We have a network or fleet that can touch anywhere on the planet,” Duncan Bureau, VP global sales for Air Canada told Travel Courier.

“And we believe that with this 787 fleet it certainly is a game changer. And we believe that we can deliver world class service regardless of destination and that we can be the preferred choice – again, regardless of destination or origin. Air Canada is a world class brand with a world class product and we’re excited to deliver services to the globe.”

In doing that, Bureau says, “What’s important for us is we want to have a strong relationship with the travel trade. And I think our ability to be flexible, our ability to be responsive, is something that we’re very focused on. We’re going to be much more visible with our trade partners. You know, we really will be doing a much better job of telling the Air Canada story and not letting others tell that story for us. I think we’d rather be the author than a spectator of the Air Canada story.”

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