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APG CANADA INC. has relocated it headquarters to the Airways Centre complex at Toronto International Airport. APG CANADA is a full partner in the APG WORLD NETWORK for Airline Services. It originally operated as AIRBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL INC., but has been an independent entity for the past year. In its new location, APG CANADA offers an expanded range of outsourced services, known as the APG WORLD PROGRAM. The APG NETWORK, in addition to General Sales Agency, provides such services as access to BSP and ARC, Interline-Electronic-Ticketing, Fares filing and a comprehensive Commercial and Distribution package for off-line territories. It serves over 240 airlines worldwide, and that number is constantly increasing. Among airlines for which APG is general sales agent in Canada is the LATAM Group of Airlines, (i.e. LAN, TAM, LAN Peru, LAN Ecuador, LAN Argentina) and Corsair, Tunisair, LAO Airlines, Royal Brunei, Taag Airlines, Bahamasair and others. By virtue of its close association with IATA, it entertains business relationships with other international airlines for which it has facilitated access to BSP-CANADA and ARC in the USA. APG CANADA’s new address is 5945 Airport Road, suite 256, Mississauga, Ont. Call 905-362-0128 or e-mail canada@apg-ga.com. (http://www.apg-ga.com)

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