Arizona Resort Recognized For Its Dark Sky Views

A luxury tent resort in Arizona near the border of Utah has been named as the first-ever DarkSky-certified resort in the world. Guests who book a stay there will be treated to a perfectly pitch-black night sky, painted with countless stars and galaxies.

Under Canvas Lake Powell – Grand Staircase is the glamping property located in the dark sky park, where artificial light is minimized. This allows visitors to experience the night sky in a way that can’t be seen in urban/suburban areas due to excessive light pollution, enabling clear views of celestial scenery like stars, planets and meteor showers.

This was achieved through environmentally responsible outdoor lighting, effective lighting policies and guest education to help protect and preserve the night sky. The resort reduced light pollution by following guidance from the International Dark-Sky Association.

Located just 22 km. from Arizona’s main Lake Powell marina, the resort features safari-inspired tent accommodations, upscale amenities, complimentary programming including stargazing and easy access to an array of outdoor activities.

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