Australia Looking For Aussie Specialist Ambassador

Waxing eloquent about Australia will pay dividends for a Canadian travel agent.

Tourism Australia is seeking a talented Canadian agent to become a part of a new VIP program.

The tourism body is inviting those who have completed introductory modules of its Aussie Specialist Program (ASP) to be one of the country’s first-ever Aussie Specialist Ambassadors, the rewards of which will include a free fam to Australia next spring.

“We are very excited to launch our new Aussie Specialist Ambassador program and have one top advisor from Canada join an elite group of 17 other agents from our top markets around the world,” said Jane Whitehead, Tourism Australia’s vice-president, the Americas.

The group of Ambassadors will each explore different parts of Australia in VIP style and Tourism Australia will film their adventures, so the Ambassadors can share their trips and tips. The Canadian ambassador will also star in future webinars and local events across the country.

“Tourism Australia knows that many Canadians rely on travel advisors to put their ideal Australia trip together and the good news is Canadians very much want to visit Australia. In the past year we saw a record 172,500 Canadians visit Down Under,” says Whitehead.

“We also know we need a fun way to engage agents to learn about the country and this program does this along with allowing the winning agent to share their knowledge with their peers after the fam trip,” Whitehead continued.

Those interested in landing the role must submit a video of up to two minutes about why they think there’s nothing like Australia. They must highlight what makes Australia unique, from its food and wine and nature and wildlife, to its beaches, culture and lifestyle. A panel of tourism industry judges will select the winning entry in January, with the winning agent expected to travel in March.

Tourism Australia’s online Aussie Specialist Program training program was relaunched three years ago. Paul Larcher of VoX International, the company that represents Tourism Australia in Canada, praises the ASP program as “very interactive and educational,” adding over 95% who have completed it say it helps them better sell Australia.

Those interested in completing it must complete three mandatory modules and two elective ones. There are over 20 modules in total.

It takes about three hours to do five modules, Larcher reports, and choices can include the likes of ultimate wineries, luxury lodges and great walks of Australia.

As of this September, 1,144 Canadian agents have become qualified Aussie Specialists, a fourfold increase in three years.

“It’s a testament to how agents are interested in knowing more about Australia and the success of the program,” Larcher states.

Those completing the program receive a downloadable certificate; the opportunity to use the Aussie Specialist logo on a website, in an e-mail signature or on marketing collateral; exclusive invitations to industry events, training and fams; the ability to order maps, brochures and download e-brochures from the Aussie Store; entry to the Travel Club, which offers such things as supplier discounts for agent vacations to Australia; and deals to experience travel, accommodations, tours and attractions. Most are available year-round with few restrictions.

Agents wanting to win the ambassador role can upload their videos on the specialist program’s website by Jan. 7 at

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