Beyond the Beaches of Tahiti


Goway Travel has introduced a new range of day trips designed to showcase all that is unique about a Tahiti vacation.

Earlier this year, BRIDES magazine named Tahiti the year’s best honeymoon destination. And, according to Goway, it’s hard to disagree, with “pristine sunsets and tranquil bungalows situated over crystal clear blue lagoons.” But while Tahiti certainly offers these things, its 180 islands also stand out for their unique geography and cultural heritage.

Goway officials note to call “Tahiti” the ultimate honeymoon destination is something of a misnomer, since most honeymooners merely touch down in Papeete on their way to Moorea or Bora Bora. This is the “Tahiti” of a thousand postcards. Beneath Bora Bora’s volcanic peaks, guests can explore the lagoon and surrounding reef – with a difference. A Shark and Ray Encounter takes visitors within arm’s reach of gentle black-tipped reef sharks and majestic rays. Guests can also explore the lagoon in an Aquabike, a unique form of “underwater scooter” that offers superb views of the reef through its clear base.

More adventures await inland. An ATV tour takes in historic World War II sites, along with spectacular views of the surrounding islands, while a 4×4 Sunset Tour brings any day to a magical end – perhaps before dinner at Bloody Mary’s, Bora Bora’s most famous seafood restaurant.

In Moorea, a Tahitian Feast and cultural show are available at the Tiki Village, an authentic recreation of a traditional village where guests can see local crafts being made and enjoy traditional cuisine.