BranchUp Names Anne Marie Moebes As CMO

BranchUp has named Anne Marie Moebes —  a 40-year travel industry veteran — to head up its marketing and educational strategy.

Michael Drever, BranchUp CEO, said: “We are extremely pleased and excited to have Anne Marie join our talented team at BranchUp. She has spent her career working with– and advocating for– travel advisors and her experience, entrepreneurial skills and mindset make her a perfect addition to the BranchUp team. She will play a key role in the next phase of our growth and development.”

Commenting on her appointment, Moebes said: “I am extremely excited to be working with successful entrepreneurs Mike Drever and Peter Steele — as well as the entire BranchUp team. They clearly understand the role of the advisor and the need to keep selling while others do their marketing. They have built an extraordinary social media platform for travel advisors that is efficient, consistent, and FREE.”

She added: “At the same time providing a solution for travel suppliers in reaching qualified customers without bypassing the advisor and keeping their brand integrity.”

BranchUp is a travel technology company that empowers travel advisors and suppliers through social media solutions to reach their customers daily.

Said Moebes: “In my mind, this is the B2B2C solution we have all been seeking for travel advisors as it communicates directly with the advisor’s clients. Once the consumer shows interest in an ad or post, the advisor is notified by email stating that “X” follower is interested in” Y” product, enabling them to follow up immediately with their customers.”