Canada Jetlines Partners with TRAVELKORE

Canada Jetlines Operations Ltd has announced that it is partnering with TRAVELKORE – a leading travel safety and travel healthcare services digital platform.

Through this partnership, travelers will gain access to a unique digital safety application, healthcare services, and health products at home, or at their preferred destination.

The TRAVELKORE digital platform in conjunction with the CAREKORE digital health platform is globally available to travellers, providing access to free travel safety resources, including access to Medicine and Vaccine Checkers, as well as access to international health services. Additionally, travellers are provided complimentary membership to the CAREKORE digital health platform and free use of the SAFEKORE digital safety app.

Duncan Bureau, CCO of Canada Jetlines, said that: “Canada Jetlines is excited to officially collaborate with TRAVELKORE as our travel safety and healthcare services digital platform. We look forward to being able to offer our passengers with the peace of mind and reliability of the CAREKORE digital health platform and SAFEKORE application.”

Tim Scurry, Chairman of Travelkore, said: “This partnership between two globally reaching and growing Canadian companies can give travelers the resources and services they need to stay safe at their leisure destinations, or at home. The entire team is looking forward to working with the Canada Jetlines team and their customers.”

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