CTP launches video docuseries, Voices of Travel

Today, Canadian Travel Press is launching Voices of Travel: The Next Chapters, a new, web-based video docuseries that features conversations with 15 remarkable travel industry professionals.

More than a decade ago, Baxter Media published Voices of Travel, stories from the pages of Canadian Travel Press – it was a first for Canada’s travel industry at that time, and to this day, it stands alone as the only publication that gathered together 40 people who told us their stories and offered their reflections on their time in the travel industry.

The stories our original Voices told captured the character and resolve of the people who work in travel — Independent, Entrepreneurial, Inspired, Resilient, Persistent, Visionary … and, above all … Larger than Life …”

Now, as Canadian Travel Press approaches its 60th anniversary, the team here has spent the last year working on Voices of Travel: The Next Chapters.

During that time, we sat down with 15 remarkable industry professionals and asked them to be our new voices and tell us their stories — to write the next chapters, so to speak …

Brian Robertson, Denise Heffron, David Harris, Stephanie Bishop, Bruce Poon Tip, Flemming Friisdahl, Christine James, Maureen Barnes Smith, Joseph Adamo, Michael Merrithew, Rocky Racco, Dan Langevin, Wolf Paunic, Susan Webb and our own, David McClung, all gave of their time and the conversations that we had with them, captured their passion, their humour and their character.

Beginning this week and continuing through to early September, you’ll be able to meet the new Voices of Travel, with a new episode in the video docuseries being released every week.

In the first episode, you’ll meet Brian Robertson, who reflects on his more than 40 years in the industry. First job. The launch of Vision Travel (now Direct Travel). Advice for those looking for a career in travel. And naturally, what the future of the industry looks like.

Just click on Voices of Travel: The Next Chapters for the whole story.

And make sure you check out the May 13 issue of Canadian Travel Press for more on Voices of Travel: The Next Chapters.