Changing air travel forever

It was 15 years ago today (May 14) that five airline CEOs made a decision that most would agree has changed the landscape of commercial aviation forever. The top executives of Air Canada, Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines, THAI and United came together to create the Star Alliance network, realizing that with growing globalization, the need for more international travel to a wider range of destinations would become increasingly important. As no airline on its own would be able to achieve this, these five airlines established the Star Alliance network with the aim of becoming the “leading global airline alliance for the high value international traveller.” Since that time, the Star Alliance has grown from five airlines offering a combined total of 6,000 daily flights to 578 airports in 106 countries to a network of 25 airlines carrying more than 600 million passengers on 20,500 daily flights to 1,293 airports in 190 countries. To paraphrase the CEO of one of our member carriers: “If Star Alliance doesn’t fly there, you probably don’t want to go.” The growth of the alliance has been achieved by a combination of adding airlines and by providing customer benefits which on a global scale an airline cannot offer on its own. Examples are through-check-in, mileage accrual and redemption, Star Alliance Gold and Silver benefits and Alliance wide fare products. To mark the occasion, the Star Alliance is rolling out its 15th Anniversary Campaign that will thank customers for their loyalty online at , on Facebook, via Twitter as well as through member carrier customer and in-flight magazines. In keeping with the tradition of featuring a personality in its advertising, the Alliance has selected its own CEO, Mark Schwab, who conveys the thank you message: “On behalf of all our Member Airlines, who are committed to working hard for you, now and in the future, I’d like to say thank you. You’ve earned it.” As well, there is a frequent flyer bonus promtion, a special anniversary contest competition, a round-the-world promotion and lots more.

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