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Curaçao Is Calling

On July 1, Canada joined the list of select markets like Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, and The Netherlands to get the green light to visit the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao.

Ahead of reopening to international travel, the destination introduced new hospitality protocols called “A Dushi Stay the Healthy Way.” In the first 12 days since the borders reopened, close to 3,000 stayover visitors headed to the colourful ABC island, mainly from Western Europe and the Caribbean region.

“We’ve put certain prerequisites in. We are approaching this in a very methodical, gradual and responsible manner,” Paul Pennicook, CEO of the Curaçao Tourist Board, tells Travel Courier. “I’m pleased with what’s happened so far. At this point in time, Curaçao is now COVID-free.”

In these early stages, the destination is capping monthly visitors to 10,000 passengers and is requiring proof of a negative PCR-test a maximum of 72 hours prior to departure.

“We are on the side of those who feel that it enhances the safety of travel because it not only proves that you are okay to travel, you have a negative test, but it also protects your fellow travellers as well as the employees in the industry and the local population,” he says, noting that the island also implemented enhanced health and safety measures throughout its establishments. “The local population is more convinced that the visitors that are coming in have been tested, and everything is okay and so they can have a good time. They should have no hesitation to give them the best service.”

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