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Peru tour delves into country’s past


Why is a non-functioning “doorway” carved from an entire hillside near Peru’s Lake Titicaca nearly identical to a sculpted plateau in Anatolia, Turkey?

Author and ancient mysteries researcher Freddy Silva says the answer involves secret mystery schools and near-death experiences. Silva says his research has also uncovered connections between Inca ceremonial sites and similar “tombs” in Egypt, China and Greece. The findings will be revealed on a Silva-led tour of megalithic sites of Peru organized by Sacred Earth Journeys.

Unlike most tours that spotlight Machu Picchu, the Oct. 25 to Nov. 2 “Hidden Faces of the Power Places of Peru” will concentrate on lesser-known ancient sites, such as Ollantaytambo, where stones too massive for modern cranes to lift were somehow transported across a river and up a near-vertical mountainside. The group will visit Machu Picchu, but whiz through the citadel at sunrise, climbing 1,200 feet to the top of nearby Huayna Picchu for a view of the surroundings, postponing exploration of the more famous Inca city until afternoon, when most tourists have left.

Other sites include cave art and stone carvings at Killarumliyoq, the mysterious doorway to nowhere at Naupa Iglesia, and Lake Titicaca, where villagers live on floating islands made from reeds.


Travel Courier Issue Date: Sep 15, 2016
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