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Issue Date: Jan 15, 2018
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Aisle to Isle

Sandals takes destination weddings to a whole new level


With Sandals Resorts International’s new Aisle to Isle destination wedding experience, clients can make sure their big day is one of a kind.

“Nothing is a package, nothing is a theme, everything is à la carte,” Marsha-Ann Brown, director of romance for Sandals and Beaches Resorts, told Canadian Travel Press. “It’s for the more simplistic bride who says all I want is a small centrepiece, nothing too grand, or for the bride that says listen, this is my big day, I want to go big and I’m going to blow it out of the water, and every bride that’s in between.”

From the shabby chic designs of Caribbean Breezes to the classic white look of White Romance with flower-topped candelabras, Sandals has launched eight new destination wedding decor inspirations along with the tagline “Inspired by love. Created by you. Only at Sandals.” Clients can mix and match their favourite elements from any of the options to create their own customized look and design.

“Every single solitary wedding couple ought to feel the ability to design and create the wedding of their dreams, and no two weddings need to look the same,” she says. “It’s all about their personal taste. The possibilities today are truly endless.”

As for food and drinks, there are 35 new menu options and a wide array of bar styles to choose from, including a geometric bar, an ivy bar, a bar built of rum barrels and even a canoe bar — like the name suggests, a canoe fully loaded with ice-cold drinks.

“It should get in the mind of the consumer that Sandals and Beaches is positioned to have every wedding as unique as the love that is shared between the couple,” she says. “When you think destination weddings, you have to always remind yourself why people choose to do destination weddings. They want their wedding to be more memorable and exciting, but they also want to know that their wedding is not something that they’d typically get if they stayed at home. And these are some of the looks and feels that they’re taking about.”

Location, location, location
In addition to expanded photography and videography options for more unique settings like a photoshoot at a sugarcane plantation, the latest wedding venue options include the over-the-water chapels Sandals South Coast in Jamaica, as well as Sandals Grande St. Lucia and the newly renovated chapel at Sandals Montego Bay.

“We’re ensconced with the most stunning locations, whether it’s the beautiful flora and fauna of our gardens, whether it is the stunning locations with the azure blue backdrop of the oceans, or better yet, our stunning over-the-water chapel that has been built and designed for couples to feel like a floating bride and groom,” she says. “We want you to understand and appreciate that the traditional wedding that a bride and groom have thought of can take place in the beautiful setting, in the most picturesque locations of our stunning islands.”

Whether it’s the beach, garden or a gazebo, Brown says Sandals is adding a venue scheduler to prioritize clients’ preferred location for the wedding.

What’s in it for you?
From wedding upgrades to Sandals’ Test-Drive Your Wedding, which allows clients to get a preview of their wedding ahead of time, she says everything is commissionable to agents.

“The more options your clients choose, the more you earn,” she says. “And now that we have a myriad of options, then the earnings are obviously going to be greater. All of the décor, all of the photography packages, all of our excursions, all the varied activities, guess what, it’s all commissionable to you.”

Inspiration innovation

A look at Sandals Resorts International’s eight new destination weddings inspirations

Sandals Resorts International’s new destination weddings inspirations are commissionable to agents

Inspired by romance, White Romance features an elegant white and silver palette from pearly satin slipcovers and tabletop candelabras to white roses and hydrangeas, for couples looking for a white wedding.
Inspired by the islands, Island Chic boasts a mixture of natural elements with a tropical twist such as hanging flower stands from bamboo-style over-head bridges, floral table runners, or the illusion of a floating floral curtain for the ceremony backdrop.
Inspired by the tropics, When In The Tropics has an island vibe across wicker lanterns, arches made from palm fronds, and colourful tabletop votives and floral.
Inspired by sophistication, Signature Statement is another elegant affair with towering arrangements of white calla lilies and blossoms, tassel accents and touches like woven chiffon chair backs and a flower- adorned aisle for the ceremony.
Inspired by gardens, Love Is In Bloom is all about natural botanical beauty from a standing flower wall or hanging floral spheres to flowing seat shears in white or chartreuse.
Inspired by passion, Modern Love has contemporary flair across black and white patterns infused with elements of fuchsia.
Inspired by nature, Caribbean Breezes is shabby chic meets romance with rustic elements like driftwood spheres, earth-toned linens and wooden accents.
When describing Coastal Living, which is inspired by sand and sea, think of a wedding that is 50 shades of blue. Options include nautical embellishments like starfish and seashell detailing or an aisle made of oars.

The more the merrier with Bells and Whistles

With Sandals’ Bells and Whistles perks, the larger the wedding party, the more bonuses couples receive. For example, with a booking of 5-11 rooms, newlyweds-to-be get two Bells, while bookings for 12-19 rooms receives two Bells and two Whistles.
As the typical destination wedding with the company is averaging 40 guests — and a recent celebration was upwards of 120 — Marsha-Ann Brown, director of romance for Sandals and Beaches Resorts says couples have a lot of perks to choose from.
“What they get a chance to do is choose from a myriad of options, whether it is that they want to enjoy a one category upgrade, do they want to enjoy a complimentary spa-themed bridal party? Do they want to have a women’s game night? These are things that we’re including, as a part of the option with the number of rooms that are sold,” she says.

So what is a bell bonus?

  • A room category upgrade
  • 2-minute wedding video trailer
  • Basic white or bamboo structure
  • Spiked tea themed bridal shower
  • Rum and game night

Kiss Me at Twilight Package

  • Welcome celebration event setup fees waived
  • $1,000 credit toward catamaran cruise for group
  • Spa themed bridal party (2 whistles)
  • Bonfire with sweets and wine (2 whistles)
  • 6-nights in a Love Nest Suite (3 whistles)