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Issue Date: May 09, 2019
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Canadians find Thailand refreshing, reguvenating


(Photo above: On hand for a roadshow in Toronto were the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s Viktor Spysak, Puangpen Klanwari, Waewdao Anusatit Diart and Kayla Shubert.)

The Tourism Authority of Thailand says Thailand is a “fitting” place for those interested in their physical well-being.

Puangpen Klanwari, director of the tourism authority’s Toronto office, told a Toronto gathering last week that her homeland is “known for a lot of things – our diverse landscapes, delicious dishes, Thai smiles, our Thai way of life, but most of all, Thai-land is a world-renowned destination for wellness.”

Klanwari’s colleague Kayla Shubert, in turn, noted that wellness travel is growing twice as quickly as global tourism, and wellness tourists spend between 50% to 180% more than their average tourist counterparts.

“With the ever-increasing lack of personal time, increased work stress levels and an aging population, Canadian travellers are now seeking journeys that will incorporate physical and nutritional opportunities, as well as experiences that provide mental well-being,” Shubert said.

Spa resorts abound
Thailand has many spa resorts, with spa treatments that are distinctly Thai available. Shubert pointed out that those who visit the Asian nation for wellness can experience other aspects of it, such as Chiang Rai, Thailand’s most northerly province; the World Heritage Site of Sukhothai; and other “hidden gems.”

The tourism authority is using the promotional slogan New Shades of Emerging Destinations. Shubert said those visiting Thailand can have a journey that will provide “unforgettable lifelong memories that will leave them refreshed and rejuvenated.”

The Toronto visit was one of a number of roadshows the tourism authority has held.

Also joining the tourism authority were Goway, Contiki, Royal Scenic, Cathy Pacific, EVA Airways and Bang-kok Airways. Making the journey to the Ontario city from Thailand were Absolute Sanctuary, The Siam Country Club and Gassan Legacy Golf. Hotels were the Rayavadee, Tamarind Village, Raja Heritage and Minor Hotels.