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Issue Date: Dec 16, 2019

There’s plenty cooking in Kiev classes

Joining Nataliya Khodos (l) during one of her cooking classes was Canadian visitor Michele Peterson (c) and local tour guide Olena Oros.


Will Nataliya Khodos’ skills at making food that generation after generation of Ukrainians have enjoyed lead to her opening her own eatery some day?

Well, the answer is unclear.

Khodos teaches those visiting Kiev, Ukraine, how to make varenikis, long part of Ukrainian cuisine. Varenikis have dough exteriors and may contain different items – such as potato, mushrooms or cheese – in them.

Khodos says those taking her classes can learn how to make them in an hour, including how to shape them in an aesthically pleasing manner, with classes given in a restaurant in Kiev’s old quarter that’s decorated in a manner that recalls a countryside Ukrainian home.

Making the edibles at home can take time, with many Ukrainians now preparing to buy frozen varenikis in a store, says Khodos, whose own son often orders pizza when hungry.

The talented cook hasn’t yet made any decision on having her own restaurant to showcase her culinary creations.

“I’ll think about it,” she told one recent visitor wowed by her kitchen skills. “Maybe some day I’ll take your advice. Maybe I’ll have a restaurant the next time you come back to Kiev.”

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