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Issue Date: Jun 17, 2019

DESIRE clients can doff their duds at times


Pictured above: Desire Cruises welcomes those “looking to let loose”

Desire Cruises says passengers on its upcoming Red Carpet Cruise can at times dress up if they choose.

And, at other times, they needn’t dress at all.

May 2020’s Red Carpet Cruise through Mediterranean waters is the latest sailing from the Mexican company that has clothing-optional areas for uninhibited sorts.

The seven-night sailing leaves from Nice, France, porting in Cannes during the Cannes Film Festival and then continuing along the French Riviera, ultimately reaching Barcelona, Spain, where the cruise ends.

Desire’s Mario Cruz says both those who have a considerable sense of modesty and those who have relatively little can both fit in on the sailing designed by a company that reaches out to those who are “open-minded, adventurous, looking to let loose and have a good time around like-minded adults, while visiting some of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

“When it comes to clothing-optional, we put the emphasis on ‘optional,’” he continues. “While passengers are required to be fully dressed in some parts of the ship, there is absolutely no obligation for them to take their clothes off. The Desire concept is strongly rooted in body positivity, and we understand that being completely undressed in the presence of strangers requires a level of comfort that not everyone achieves at the same time. Desire Red Carpet Cruise’s ambience is fun, playful and one to let inhibitions go, but at your own pace, so first-time or more timid passengers aren’t pressured to take their clothes off.”

Passengers can be “completely naked” by the pool and in a “signature playroom,” but must wear clothes elsewhere.

Cruz says those on the cruise won’t be allowed to take photos in clothing-optional areas, as “privacy is one of our main priorities.”

The cruise is open to couples aged 21 or more, and most passengers “will look like everyday people,” Cruz says.

Desire says couples can partake in “spicy daytime events and workshops, and exciting themed nighttime entertainment.” The Jacuzzi Lounge will enable people to “get in touch with their romantic and sensual side,” while the “erotic playroom will also allow passengers to mix with like-minded, socially sophisticated, experienced couples in a safe and open atmosphere to live out their fantasies.”

Some passengers like to get “dressed up for a glamorous” theme night, he adds.

The Desire Red Carpet Cruise will take place on an 11-deck vessel with two specialty restaurants, four dining options, two shops, a spa, salon, fitness centre, casino, and seven stateroom and suite options.

Desire has had clothing-optional cruises in the past, and September of this year and next will see other Mediterranean sailings.

Its Temptation brand will have the Temptation Caribbean Cruise in February, a topless-optional cruise which Cruz says is a “ride on the naughty side.” That sailing will feature different Western Caribbean islands.

Desire also has two sister resorts in the Mexican Caribbean community of Puerto Morelos – the Desire Riviera Maya and the Desire Riviera Maya Pearl. Cruz says those resorts also offer the “Desire concept” and “so for those guests that can’t get enough of Desire, there are three options to choose from.”

The Desire Red Carpet cruise sails on May 19 and rates start at $2,400 per person, based on double occupancy.

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