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Issue Date: Dec 09, 2019
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Forecast 2020 trends to watch

So what’s next?

That’s essentially the question that every end-of-the-year forecast is asking. It’s a question that can be phrased in many different ways, and by doing so, elicit many different answers.

This year, Canadian Travel Press kept it simple, asking close to a dozen industry experts to pick three trends to watch in the coming 12 months.

Their responses, while perhaps differing in the descriptors they used, definitely focused on some clear trends in the marketplace based on the changing consumer demands that they are seeing.

Certainly, luxury or premium travel is a trend that virtually everyone is watching these days, but CTP’s 2019 forecast contributors also pointed to the growing taste for off-the-beaten track trips that offer a different vacation experience to travellers. In fact, many would look at these types of trips as a new kind of luxury that’s all about having an immersive experience.

And, as consumers choose to follow different paths on their travels, it is only natural that many of them are doing it to make those trips matter, to reduce the impact of their trips on the environment and local economies, and to travel responsibly.

Another trend that this year’s contributors cited was technology, pointing to the continuing digital transformation taking place not only in travel, but in virtually every aspect of modern day life. Yet, while technology may be tranforming the world of travel, there is a clear – and growing – demand from consumers that personalizaton must be a key element of that experience.

Slow travel, solo travel, expedition cruises, micro escapes, bleisure, and other new and emerging travel trends are cited by contributors to CTP’s 2019 Forecast as worth watching in the coming year.

So read on to find out about what to expect in 2020.

Bob Mowat,
Executive Editor,
Canadian Travel Press