Canadian Travel Press
Issue Date: Dec 02, 2019

Universal Orlando Resort happily hosts all ages

Harry Potter fans will be in their element at Universal Orlando Resort.


Adult Ali Beemer cites herself as living proof that Universal Orlando Resort isn’t simply for those who haven’t yet aged beyond their early teens.

Beemer, a spokeswoman for the Florida resort complex, says parents accompanying their children will find it equally entertaining and those adults there without any children will find it enjoyable as well.

“You’re not only watching your kids have fun, you’re experiencing the fun with your kids,” she says.

“I visit it myself and I don’t have kids.”

Universal Orlando Resort now has three theme parks and seven hotels, with the three parks leading Beemer to suggest that visitors need at least three days to experience Universal Orlando Resort in full.

“Each of the parks offers something for every generation,” Beemer says.

The massive complex is affiliated with the entertainment world’s Universal Studios, and so its little surprise that many of its attractions are movie- and TV-related.

Proving particularly popular now is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, one of two Harry Potter-themed attractions that await visitors.

But Beemer says guests are certain to be entertained, regardless of which park they visit, pointing to the “amazing technology” that’s part of the attractions.

The Orlando area is well-known for its theme parks, among them Disney, which Beemer says provides a very different experience than the one awaiting Universal visitors. “Disney is big on nostalgia,” she states. “Universal is about what’s popular right now. We have a lot of things that are way different than what they do.”

Beemer says the seven hotels each offer different rates and, being part of the Universal Orlando Resort experience, each has its own theme. For instance, the Portofino is based on the Italian community of Portofino, with Beemer labelling it a “realistic recreation.”

The complex also has a Hard Rock property, while Endless Summer will remind visitors of surfing and ocean.

“The hotels are destinations unto themselves. Depending on what your style and budget is you can choose from any one of them,” Beemer says.

Beemer adds that hotel guests will receive complimentary transfers to the parks.