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Issue Date: Dec 10, 2018
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Four disruptors to watch in 2019

Pictured above: Nicole Mazza, Chief Marketing Officer

Currently, we see four categories of disruptors that are affecting our industry today and in the year ahead.

Risk & Uncertainty
Natural disasters, geopolitical effects, threats, regulations are disruptors we can’t foresee or predict. Travel advisors have been able to assist clients more than any other distribution segment when these disruptors occur. Consumers are also relying more on advisors for their guidance on ‘safer’ locations around the world to travel to.

Big Data & Technology
Consumer data is becoming more available on the market today. AI technology is advancing quickly to respond to travellers’ requests through apps, becoming true “on demand” services. Advisors today still remain the only point of contact who know their customers. Spending patterns and online viewing cannot 100% predict the consumer’s needs – nor offer fully customized services and value add, like an advisor can.

Airlines and cruise lines are adding more capacity at a very fast rate. This creates low pricing in certain markets. This is a disruptor for the advisor, a win for the consumer.

A “Not-So” Educated Traveller
Consumers are shopping multiple outlets for the cheapest option, thus feeling educated on their vacation needs. However, they are not educated on the “true value” of their time spent and the value an advisor brings to them – in time – and many times, in overall price. This wastes an agents time and money, as some consumers will not end up booking with the advisor – hence why all advisors need to implement booking/planning fees for their expertise and time.