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Issue Date: May 11, 2020
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Goway prepares to mark 50+1 milestone in 2021


Goway Travel isn’t holding its 50th birthday bash this year as was planned some time ago but company founder and president Bruce Hodge says the Toronto-based firm will instead celebrate the start of its second half-century when 2021 rolls around.

For some time, Goway had been planning to mark reaching the 50-year mark this year but the company decided to cancel the celebrations as the coronavirus pandemic brought international travel to a virtual standstill.

Now the company – often associated with South Pacific but which now sends clients to most continents – is setting its sights on 2021.

“I’m very disappointed as we were primed up for a fun year of celebrations, plus it was going to be a big year for Goway business-wise,” Hodge told Canadian Travel Press. “With regard to our celebrations we cancelled everything – just like the Olympics.”

Next year’s celebrations may not be on the same level as those that were planned for this year as the travel industry could still be in somewhat of a recovery mode after suffering what Hodge calls its “worst business year ever.”

But he said the tour operator is still looking forward to an eventful 2021, even if celebrations may be somewhat scaled back from the 2020 celebration plans.

“As you know Goway likes to party so we’ve transferred all party deposits which were for celebrations in Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Sydney and Manila to similar dates in 2021,” he reported. “Hopefully, we can make things a double celebration – Goway’s 50+1 Anniversary and winning the war against COVID-19.”

The tour operator also still plans to operate exclusive fams for agents.

Hodge added coronavirus prompted Goway to cancel its “50 Trips for Two. We hope to revise this promotion, which is a lot of work. Our problem will not be so much our suppliers but how friendly airlines will be next year.

“We expect we will also do a special roadshow, whose theme will be something like Celebrating Goway’s 50th+1 and the end of the COVID-19 calamity.”

Meanwhile, Hodge said the company will fine-tune a couple of celebration things that reflect necessary adjustments.

“The logo and theme will be Goway’s 50+1 Anniversary,” he reports.