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Issue Date: Oct 23, 2017
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It’s all about education

Mike Dunbar

Nexion Canada has expanded its coaching and business development educational support as a key element in its commitment to helping members develop profitable businesses, according to the host agency’s London, Ont.-based president Mike Foster.
The North America-wide program expansion offers access to individual coaching through multi-day educational events and is available via US-based Nexion to members at any stage of experience. It was announced at the organization’s recent annual conference in New Orleans.
Foster stated, “As a Canadian travel company with a large sister company, Nexion Canada can give our members something truly unique by partnering with Nexion to bring coaching to our members.
“In addition to our own Canadian events, members have the opportunity to delve deeply into a topic of their choice; both in a group setting and individually with an expert.”
He asserted, “Nexion and Nexion Canada have always attracted and retained members with our superior educational offerings. Our multi-day events bring fresh knowledge and perspective to attendees but members are hungry for even more counsel and our coaches are some of the top minds in the travel world.”
Foster explained, “Every Nexion Canada member who attends a multi-day educational event will receive follow-up coaching. Members meet with their coaches online and via phone to put together a personalized plan with achievable goals and measurable actions.”
And he added, “The coaches Nexion Canada members can work with represent a wide variety of travel and business expertise. Depending on their niche,
interests and assessments of growth areas, they might choose a coach who is an expert in social media, corporate travel, small business and franchise management, selling cruises and more.”