Travel Courier
Issue Date: May 07, 2020

Madelyne Lemieux, 19

Tourism Management, BCIT

My travel style:
Spontaneous, informal, road trips.

My greatest professional strength:
I am determined. No matter the challenges, I will find a way to make it work.

My dream job:
Something in event production; I would like to produce large meetings and exciting events and receptions.

Most exciting travel trend:
Sustainability. It’s a real challenge in this industry to find ways to reduce our impact. It gives us the opportunity to get incredibly creative and find innovative ways to be sustainable.

One thing I can’t travel without:
A hammock. My ideal type of travel features lots of forests, lakes, and incredible views that are best enjoyed while swinging in a hammock.

My favourite travel experience:
My best friend and I booked a flight to San Diego two hours after I wrote my last exam before winter break. We left three days later and stayed in this super neat hostel in Ocean Beach, California. We met incredible people from around the world and had some of the most memorable experiences.

The best travel advice I’ve received:
That travel doesn’t have to be expensive or far away. Explore your own backyard! I’ve had so many incredible trips that are just a two-hour drive from home. It makes travel more attainable when you’re a young student, and still has the same benefits as bigger trips.

On my bucket list:
Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam

Connect with me on linkedin at madelyne lemieux