Canadian Travel Press
Issue Date: Oct 21, 2019

Pinar del Rio is a cigar enthusiast’s haven


Those visiting the Cuban Province of Pinar del Rio can easily travel along a Tobacco Road.

Pinar del Rio is known for its tobacco production, standing out for that even in a country known for its tobacco production, says Cubatur guide Vladimir Galloso.

“The region is really recognized for that,” he says, noting tobacco fields can routinely be seen, along with the likes of sheds used for drying tobacco leaves. Tourists can visit some tobacco farms, seeing skilled workers roll and sell cigars.

Pinar del Rio, an easy day trip from Havana, also sees the likes of bananas, papayas and mangoes produced. Galloso adds the province has a “relaxed lifestyle.”

Visitors can also see unusually shaped mountains in a part of the world where the fossils of ancient mollusks and birds were found. The area’s long history is reflected on the Prehistoric Mural, a towering artwork painted on a mountainside.