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Issue Date: Jul 23, 2018
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Tourism summit leverages aspects of Hawai’i Aloha


(Photo above: Diamond Head rises above the soft white sand at Waikiki Beach in Hawai’i.)

Some of the core qualities underlying the Hawai’i tourism success story are applicable across the board to all destinations. These are driving the agenda at the upcoming 2018 Global Tourism Summit in Waikiki in early October.
For example, sustainability continues to be a fundamental theme of the Global Tourism Summit. The ways in which sustainability is being fostered and incorporated to shape the future of tourism will be a featured topic of presentations at the conference. The summit will run Oct. 1 to 3 and will be presented at the Hawai’i Convention Center.
As well, the “aloha” principles of Hawaiian culture – prioritizing a friendly welcome and helpful hosting for visitors to the islands – will be a theme at the conference. The essence of aloha is applicable to any and all tourist destinations.
That’s why organizers are keen to emphasize that the 2018 Global Tourism Summit is open to anyone who has an interest in tourism – not just those conducting tourism business with the Hawaiian Islands.
“The purpose of the Summit is to bring together thought leaders, visionaries, suppliers, operators, policy makers, and media from around the world to participate in an innovative format of networking and
sharing,” says Colin Wood, the Hawai’i destination rep in Canada for VoX International.
“Hawai’i epitomizes diversity, a unique culture and lifestyle, and a continually evolving tourism economy. The significance of Hawaiian culture, global marketing, technology and innovation will all be highlighted in presentations and panel discussions, with the collective focus on improving tourism in Hawai’i and abroad,” he said.
Hawai’i even holds a geographic advantage in terms of convening participants from around the globe to participate in the Summit, he noted. And the island’s legendary South Pacific setting will help boost discussions on international tourism trends, strategic alliances and emerging opportunities, he said.
The 2018 edition of the Summit is expecting 2,500 attendees with 18 countries represented. Over 40 sessions will focus on Hawaiian culture and sustainability, as well as on global tourism trends.
Featured speakers will include Stephen England-Hall, chief executive of Tourism New Zealand; Michael Dominguez, senior VP of MGM Resorts International; Susie Vowinkel, industry director for Travel Google; and Chris Malone, managing partner of Fidelum Partners.
A Networking Lounge will feature up to 50 exhibitors. As well, international tour operators and wholesalers will have the opportunity to meet Hawai’i suppliers at B2B sessions.
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