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Issue Date: Aug 02, 2018

Trafalgar launches new ‘First Look’ initiative

Program allows clients to lock in pricing travel dates


Trafalgar is eager to serve as a matchmaker of sorts for those seeking great dates.

The tour operator unveiled its First Look concept in mid-July, saying the agent-focused initiative enables loyal partners to offer clients an exclusive “First Look” to book and provides 10% savings on the tour operator’s 2019 tours in Europe and Britain. Those clients won’t have to pay more if the price of a trip increases when they secure a summer 2019 trip. Furthermore, if the price of the secured trip decreases, clients will be reimbursed the difference.
And Trafalgar says First Look will also appeal to people who are particular about the actual dates of their trips.
“Trafalgar’s First Look is previewing the most successful Trafalgar programs in Europe, with the intention to give Trafalgar’s past guests and more important retail agency partners access to special pricing and the privilege to book their preferred dates. Following two busy travel years in Europe, we, at Trafalgar, are helping our guests to plan their vacation enjoying the best price and widest choice of dates. 2019 First Look pricing is based on 2018 pricing and savings vary from program to program, yet is substantial. By depositing $200 per person by Sept. 24, our guests will lock in their first choice. The $200 deposit is flexible and should our guests have to change plans, it will be held in credit for five years, no questions asked,” says Wolf Paunic, who oversees Trafalgar’s Canadian operation.
Paunic says agents should view First Look as a business opportunity. The tour operator’s sales staff is hosting summertime Love to Talk Travel events for travel agents that host agents and clients, with clients often talking about past Trafalgar moments that, in turn, inspire future travel. Paunic reports that attendees who decide to book within 24 hours get “super-cool” Trafalgar wheeled luggage along with the likes of preferred dates.
“We know that the interest in the Trafalgar brand is there,” Paunic continues. “Summer Love to Talk Travel is dedicated to keeping in touch with past guests, giving travel agents an opportunity to communicate with their clients on a continuous basis and indicating to our mutual guests that the Trafalgar brand is ‘always on,’ bringing new experiences and destinations to the forefront. This year, Trafalgar launched Africa [tours], sister brand Costsaver launches Asia, and 2019 programs are being rolled out on a monthly basis.”
Paunic adds Trafalgar reaches out to clients by its web site, newsletters and other means.
Trafalgar’s First Look Europe and Britain itineraries can be found at: