Discovering Undersea Cuba

One of Cuba’s most spectacular underwater scenic sites just got more accessible to Canadians. ScubaCuba has signed a partnership with Marinas Marlin and Aquasub Scuba Diving Centre to promote and the lush diving sites of Cienfuegos, on the southern coast of Cuba.

“This part of the Cuban archipelago has it all: reef, vertical wall, shipwrecks, and abundant fish — making this area exceptional even for the most demanding divers,” says the Cuba Tourism Board.

The diving area of Faro Luna offers a great diversity, and its platform is curiously rugged by canals, tunnels and mounds that form real labyrinths. The colourful bottoms are colonized by corals whose reefs rise to a few feet from the surface at some points. Corals, sponges, algae, and gorgonians form this submerged garden where countless species live.

On the rocky bottom rest shipwrecks covered with multi-coloured life with countless small reef fish that take refuge here. The vertical walls separate the submerged garden from the limits of recreational diving (40 m) and its fascinating contrast with all the shades of blues.

The depths of the dive sites on the platform range between 5 and 40 meters, and there are many ideal spots for snorkeling and photography which are enjoyed by both the divers and their companions.

All 30 dive sites are located near the coast and the farthest ones are easily reached in less than 10 minutes by boat from the diving centre. The diving centre there in addition to snorkeling, and diving excursions, offers diving courses with international certification by ACUC.

All the diving instructors are ACUC certified. Among the main features of this diving center are:

Maximum Depth: 38 m / 132 ft.

Average visibility: 30 m / 99 ft. In rainy season: 15 m / 20 ft.

Average temperature: 26 0 C. Winter: 24 0 C. Summer: 28 0 C.

Boats: 2 boats type Taxi c / 2 engines F / B Yamaha for 10 pax + instructor and boatman. Compressor: Bauer K – 80 of 4 filling sockets.

Tanks: Steel and aluminum, 12 Lts with DIN or INT connection

“ScubaCuba is an expert in the diving and tourism industry and through their packages clients can dive in Cuba with the most most experienced Cuban instructors who are knowledgeable about the local dive sites, they also offer packages to non-divers’ companions and make the experience enjoyable for the entire family,” the tourism board adds.

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