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Emirates Launches Annual ‘Fly Better Sale’

Emirates has launched its annual Fly Better 2019 Sale, inviting Canadians to enjoy the Emirates experience for less.

Through Jan. 8, Canadians can book Economy and Business class travel to select destinations throughout the Emirates network from East Canada – Toronto (YYZ), with fares starting at $949.

The Fly Better 2019 offer includes flights from Eastern Canada to Dubai and beyond, with origin point Toronto which utilize Emirates-operated flights. More than 79 select destination routes are included in the sale.

Economy Class leading destinations include: Dubai $949; Delhi from $1,199; Tehran from $1,219; Mumbai from $1,229; Islamabad from $1,229.

Business Class leading destinations include: Delhi from $4,919; Mumbai from $4,919; Hyderabad from $4,969; Johannesburg from $5,469; Dubai from $5,999.

The offer is valid for Economy and Business class travel from Jan. 27 through June 4 and Sept. 9 through Nov. 19. Travel must be completed on or before Nov. 26.


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